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Lahore Qalandars started dreaming of winning the title in favorable conditions

Lahore Qalandars started dreaming of winning the title in favorable conditions
Lahore Qalandars started dreaming of winning the title in favorable conditions

Lahore Qalandars director and coach Aqib Javed said that it is hot in Punjab till late at night, the weather gets a little better in UAE due to sea breezes till 5 pm, however in the remaining matches of PSL 6 in Abu Dhabi. We will use ice collars to fight the heat. If the matches were in July or August, it would have been more difficult due to confinement. Hopefully, the weather will not be more troublesome during the matches. The conditions are more favorable for Lahore Qalandars.

Aqib Javed- Lahore Qalandars
Aqib Javed- Lahore Qalandars

Asked if the continuity of performance after playing after a long break would be affected, he said that it makes a difference but this is the situation for all the teams, many players have also changed. We have experienced and talented young batsmen, Sohail Akhtar and Fakhrazman will be in the top order, there is a gap at No. 3 but Colm Ferguson is also an experienced player.

He said that with Agha Salman and Zeeshan Ashraf, we also have the services of veteran Mohammad Hafeez. The most positive aspect is the return of Rashid Khan. Every T20 team in the world wants to benefit from the services of an Afghan all-rounder. Rashid Khan has no rivals in spinners, Shaheen Shah Afridi, Haris Rauf, Dilbar Hussain, Ahmed Daniel are equipped with weapons of pace and variation, no franchise team has such pace battery, let’s take full advantage of favorable conditions. Will

Asked to make Sohail Akhtar the captain despite joining several star cricketers squads, he said that 9 out of 18 players with us have come forward from the Lahore Qalandars’ own platform. Well known about, he has paid the captaincy right with his performance, he was declared the best player in Abu Dhabi Cup, this has been his favorite venue, therefore better than Sohail in the rest of the PSL 6 matches. Expectations of performance are high.

To a question, he said that even at the age of 40, Mohammad Hafeez continued to strive to learn and improve his performance, mastering new strokes and bringing power, pitches were not conducive to batting in South Africa, in Zimbabwe. So the ball was not coming to the bat, Abu Dhabi conditions will be favorable for Muhammad Hafeez, I hope he will be able to perform well.

PSL 6: Qalandars are happy with the solution

Atif Rana is happy that Pakistan Super League 6 issues have been resolved, Lahore Qalandars chief executive says PCB is welcome to bear the extra cost of matches in Abu Dhabi, now is not the right time to introduce the seventh team, weak foundation But building a new destination will not work, the financial interests of existing franchises must be protected.

Atif Rana, Chief Executive of Lahore Qalandars, said that it was very important for PSL 6 to be completed this year. The OC did not allow the competition to be held in Karachi, so it was decided to hold it in Abu Dhabi.

Atif Rana-CEO Lahore Qalandars
Atif Rana-CEO Lahore Qalandars

To a question, he said that the decision of the PCB to bear the extra expenses incurred due to the matches in UAE is welcome, Chairman Ehsan Mani wants to make PSL the best league in the world, the fans are also very happy. , Became a good brand of Pakistan, it also helped to improve the image of the country, the board is also benefiting financially if it is to become the number one league, then the interests of all stakeholders must be taken care of, the board’s problems The intention for a solution is clear, we hope that a better way will come out of the dialogue.

Replying to a question, Atif Rana said that it would be disastrous to increase the number of floors of the building on any weak foundation. I don’t mind either, right now is not the right time for that.

He said that coach Aqib Javed and chief operating officer Samin Rana played an important role in bringing Rashid Khan back for the rest of the matches. He is a great cricketer and a great man. He called Sohail Akhtar the most suitable captain.

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