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Leagues devalue Cricket Asia Cup

Leagues devalue Cricket Asia Cup
Leagues devalue Cricket Asia Cup

Leagues have devalued the Cricket Asia Cup, so there is no room for a showpiece event this year.

The last time the Asia Cup was held in 2018, the next edition of the 2-year event was to be held in 2020, but due to the Coronavirus and then India’s insistence on hosting its own IPL in the UAE, the event took place this year. Postponed until June, now due to Corona and the busiest schedule will not be able to hold this time.

Leagues devalue Cricket Asia Cup Tournament
Leagues devalue Cricket Asia Cup Tournament

PCB chairman Ehsan Mani had already hinted that the event would not take place if India made it to the final of the Test Championship. Now, the Indian team has not only cut its ticket to the final, but Pakistan will play its PSL in June. Is about to complete.

Sri Lanka has announced its Sri Lankan Premier League in August. India is eyeing to complete its league in September, while the Bangladesh League is also scheduled to be held in the meantime. The hosting Sri Lankan board had announced the further postponement of the event.

According to reports, the Asia Cup is now expected to be held for the next two consecutive years. Pakistan will host the 2022 tournament which will be played in Australia in the T20 format in view of next year’s scheduled World Cup. Sri Lanka will host the 2023 Asia Cup. It will be in the ODI format as India will then host the one-day World Cup in October, giving the teams an opportunity to prepare for the mega tournament from the Asian event.

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