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Pakistan Cricket Board announces support policy for female players during pregnancy and maternity

Pakistan Cricket Board announces support policy for female players during pregnancy and maternity
Pakistan Cricket Board announces support policy for female players during pregnancy and maternity

Pakistan Cricket Board has taken a very good step. This will be of great benefit not only to the present but also to the future women cricketers as it is not customary for us to play after marriage but now this thinking is changing and families are following the policy given by the Pakistan Cricket Board. Will send a good and positive message that girls can play even after marriage.

Pakistan women’s cricket team captain Bismah Maroof is happy that the Pakistan Cricket Board has announced a policy to pay players as well as leave them on the birth of a child.

When Bismah Maroof announced last month that she was about to become a mother and enter a new chapter in her life, the Pakistan Cricket Board had no policy on leave and pay for pregnant players. There was no birth control policy for men either.

However, the board has now formulated a policy under which women cricketers with central contracts can be transferred to other positions during pregnancy before maternity leave or maternity leave. She will be able to take 12-month maternity leave during which she will receive a salary. They will also be guaranteed a one-year return contract.

Male players will get 30 days’ leave including salary.

Bismah Maroof says, “What could be happier and more satisfying for any player than to know that his career is safe and you are being financially supported, so many things become easier. The situation is clear now for women cricketers and they will know what the future of their careers will be because before that women cricketers did not know what will happen to their careers after marriage. Now families will be very helpful.

Former Pakistan women’s cricket team captain Sana Mir believes the policy will help players maintain a better balance in their lives and pave the way for future cricketers.

Impatient to see daughter

There are also numerous instances in Pakistan’s men’s national team where cricketers should have been with their families in exceptional circumstances but were away from their families due to their professional responsibilities. The Pakistani cricket team is currently in Zimbabwe and fast bowler Hassan Ali is eager to see his recently born daughter.

Hassan Ali, who became the man of the match through his superb bowling in the Harare Test, says, “I miss my daughter very much, but for you, the country comes first.” We are on national duty. This is the country that has honored us and this is the country we are playing for. Hassan Ali said that he is counting one day when the return flight will be and I can see my daughter, but for the country, you have to bear these things.

Uncertainty about career will end

It was a difficult time for fast bowler Wahab Riaz when he was in Sri Lanka with the Pakistan team and they had a daughter in Lahore and he had to stay in hospital for eleven days.

Wahab Riaz says, “At that time, I had less back in the team.” My heart was pounding for me to go and see my daughter. It is difficult to express the feelings you have in such a situation. I was very worried at that time. When you have this kind of situation, no matter how strong your nerves are, your game and performance are affected because you are mentally disturbed.

Wahab Riaz says that as a result of this policy, the uncertainty in the minds of the players will disappear and they will know that at the time of childbirth, they will be able to come back after being temporarily away from their game because of the past. What we have seen is that in such an unusual situation, cricketers have been in a dilemma as to whether or not they should go on tour because they are afraid that once they are away from the team, they will be back. Will get or not. But now the players can easily tell the board that I need some time with my family.

What is this policy?

Under the policy, women cricketers will be able to take on any role other than entering the field for themselves before maternity leave and during the days of pregnancy. On this occasion, women cricketers will get 12 months to leave along with their salary and these cricketers will also be entitled to a one-year extension in their central contracts.

Pakistan Cricket Board announces support policy for women players during pregnancy and maternity
Pakistan Cricket Board announces support policy for women players during pregnancy and maternity

The female cricketer will be involved in cricket activities after the end of her maternity leave and will also be provided medical assistance under the Post Child Rehabilitation Program.

If a female cricketer has to travel for cricket activities, she will be allowed to take a person with her on the trip to take care of the newborn child, the expenses of which will be borne equally by the Pakistan Cricket Board and female cricketers Will. The policy states that male cricketers who become fathers will be entitled to one month’s leave along with full pay on the birth of their child, but they must take this leave within 56 days of the child’s birth.

Wasim Khan, chief executive of the Pakistan Cricket Board, says the main purpose of the policy is to ensure that players do not worry about their careers at a crucial stage in their lives. He says that as far as women cricketers are concerned, this policy will bring more women cricketers to the game than in the past and will help them maintain balance in their lives.

A Pakistan Cricket Board spokesman said that all cricket boards are in touch with each other on important issues and exchange information. In formulating this policy, the Pakistan Cricket Board carefully reviewed the policies of Cricket Australia and the England Cricket Board in this regard and then formulated a policy that was “acceptable in our social structure”.

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