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PSL 6: Postponed matches to be held in Abu Dhabi has received full approval

Pakistan Super League season six postponed matches to be held in Abu Dhabi has received full approval
Pakistan Super League season six postponed matches to be held in Abu Dhabi has received full approval

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has announced that it has received full approval to hold the remaining matches of the sixth edition of the Pakistan Super League in Abu Dhabi, which has been postponed due to the Corona epidemic.

A statement issued by the PCB on Thursday said that full approval has been received from the UAE government on all matters and arrangements for holding the event after a meeting with all franchise owners today. Will be finalized.

Pakistan Cricket Board officials have been in Abu Dhabi for the past several days, where they have been in touch with the UAE Cricket Board and the Abu Dhabi government regarding the hosting of the remaining 20 PSL matches in Abu Dhabi.

Pakistan Super League season six postponed matches to be held in Abu Dhabi
Pakistan Super League season six postponed matches to be held in Abu Dhabi

Wasim Khan, chief executive of the Pakistan Cricket Board, said that all obstacles to holding the event in Abu Dhabi have been removed and the board is fully prepared to hold the event.

Wasim Khan also thanked the UAE government, the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority, the UAE Cricket Board, and the Abu Dhabi Sports Council for their cooperation in removing obstacles to the event.

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) had planned to start the league on June 1 and end it on June 20. However, after the Eid holidays, contacts with the Abu Dhabi government and the UAE Cricket Board and then a delay in receiving a positive response Were in a state of uncertainty.

PSL 6 In Dubai

This uncertainty can be gauged from the fact that the players and officials belonging to the participating teams in the league were checked in hotels in Karachi and Lahore on Thursday morning for a three-day quarantine after receiving a negative report of the code test. They were supposed to be, but they were prevented from doing so.

Most notably, many of the foreign cricketers who had to come to Pakistan to join the chartered flights had arrived at or were about to arrive at their respective airports when they were informed that they would not be leaving for Pakistan yet. It should be noted that the teams participating in the league have to leave for Abu Dhabi on May 22 on two chartered flights.

Vaccination of foreign cricketers

The Pakistan Cricket Board has also sought a written assurance from the Abu Dhabi authorities that foreign cricketers participating in the Pakistan Super League should be exempted from vaccination.

PSL 6-'Pakistan Super League season six postponed matches to be held in Abu Dhabi has received full approval'
PSL 6-‘Pakistan Super League season six postponed matches to be held in Abu Dhabi has received full approval’

Pakistan Cricket Board says that Pakistani players and officials are being vaccinated in Pakistan but how can Pakistan Cricket Board guarantee the vaccination of a foreign cricketer?

Indian and South African broadcasting staff allowed to enter Abu Dhabi

The Indian and South African staff members of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), the broadcaster through which it wants to decorate the PSL festival, have now become another obstacle in the way of the event.

This is because due to the current situation in the code, ordinary passengers from India and South Africa are not allowed to enter the UAE and the Pakistan Cricket Board wants the crew of the broadcasting company covering the Pakistan Super League Indians and South Africans should be exempted from this ban.

The Pakistan Cricket Board has asked the Abu Dhabi government that just like the players and coaching staff participating in the league will reach Abu Dhabi from Lahore and Karachi via chartered flights, so too will the two coverage broadcasters be chartered from South Africa and India Will reach Abu Dhabi by flights.

The Pakistan Cricket Board does not want South African and Indian crew staff to be barred from entering Abu Dhabi and face embarrassment, so it has sought a written assurance from the Abu Dhabi government.

When will this league be?

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) wanted to hold the event in Karachi from June 1 to 20 after it was postponed in March, as the Pakistani team has to tour England immediately after that. It will not be easy for him to reschedule it as his international calendar is busy this year.

He is scheduled to play a home series against New Zealand and England in October. Then there will be T20 World Cup in October-November after that the Pakistan team will go to Bangladesh and then the West Indies team will come to Pakistan.

In that case, the league would be possible in September. In September, the Pakistani team has to play a limited-overs series against Afghanistan.

Why was Abu Dhabi chosen?

Pakistan Super League 6 started in Karachi on February 20 but had to be postponed on March 4 when the code tests of some players of the participating teams came back positive. By that time, 14 matches of the league had been played.

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) had decided to hold the remaining PSL matches in Karachi in June after liaising with the owners of six franchise teams, but in view of the overall poor condition of the code in the country, the government decided to hold Pakistan Cricket. The board was not allowed to hold the league here after which the only way left for the Pakistan Cricket Board was to take the event to the United Arab Emirates.

After the Pakistan Super League was postponed in March, it was confirmed that if the league resumed, the foreign cricketers would not be able to join due to their international engagements. Drafted to include new foreign players.

Newcomers to the six-team squad for the league in June include New Zealand’s Martin Guptill, West Indies’ Andre Russell, Sri Lanka’s Tshara Perera, South Africa’s Yaniman Milan, and Usman Khawaja was from Australia.

Bangladesh’s Shakib Al Hasan, Lytton Das, and Mahmudullah were also to play in the PSL but later withdrew, saying they wanted to play in the Dhaka Premier League starting May 31.

Foreign company for BioSecure Bubble

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has hired a British company to develop an effective biosecure bubble to avoid any safety irregularities in the postponed 20 matches of the PSL.

This is the same company that developed the bio-secure bubble in the IPL played in Dubai last year.

The purpose of hiring a British company from the Pakistan Cricket Board is to avoid the situation in which the league ended in March, as there were several incidents of breach of safety protocol during these 14 matches, including one. The captain and coach meet their franchise owner who was not part of the BioSecure bubble.

Events include inviting players to the hotel for dinner, celebrating birthdays, meeting families, taking selfies with outsiders.

The Pakistan Cricket Board had set up a two-member committee comprising Dr. Faisal Mahmood and Dr. Salma Abbas to find out the facts about these incidents of violation of SOPs and safety rules and regulations. Although the committee’s report was not made public, the committee did identify a number of irregularities during the event.

The alleged resignation of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Medical Director Dr. Sohail Saleem was also in the headlines in the wake of the suspension of the Pakistan Super League (PSL). Was

Dr. Sohail Saleem remained silent at first but later came to the media and said that he did not resign himself but was taken from him.

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