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PSL: Karachi Kings ready to maintain rule over points table

PSL- Karachi Kings ready to maintain rule over points table
PSL- Karachi Kings ready to maintain rule over points table

In the remaining matches of PSL 6, Karachi Kings are ready to maintain their dominance on the points table. Former national captain Wasim Akram said that the performance of Karachi Kings in the first round, which is at the top of the points table, has become a thing of the past.

“We were at the top several months ago. If we want the performance to continue, there will be a new tournament, a new atmosphere, and new conditions. All the matches have to be played on the same ground on the new pitches in Abu Dhabi,” he said. It will be the hottest, the temperature is over 40 right now, it will make a difference, Martin Guptill is coming from the cold weather of his country, overall not only one Karachi Kings but all the players of the team adapt to the situation. Will have to create.

The former captain said that the combinations will also change due to the new players, fortunately, we have got good alternatives, Martin Guptill, Najib Zadran, and Thisara Perera have been hired.

Wasim Akram said that we gave preference to local young cricketers in the replacement draft. Qasim Akram is also a talented all-rounder and diligent fielder. He was also appointed as the captain of the national under-19 team but unfortunately, this series was not possible. We have 18 players at the moment, 2 foreign players were available but could not choose one for no reason to sit on the bench, I thought it would be better to give opportunities to our young players.

To a question, he said that Babar Azam is the captain of all three formats which is not a trivial matter, he works hard, he also enjoys his batting in PSL, we will take advantage of his abilities, Karachi Kings The combination is good, the results are in the hands of the top but will fight to the end in every match.

Asked not to include Karachi Kings captain Emad Wasim in the national team, the former captain said, “It is the coaches and captains who understand better. I think all-rounders are performing well with bat and ball, maybe in their knees.” There are problems.

Being out of the team is part of his career, he can come back after performing in PSL, chief selector Muhammad Waseem should bring a culture in which the player is told in advance that you are dropping because of this Wasim Akram has said that for big work one has to make sacrifices like quarantine. It is a five-star hotel but one is not allowed to leave the room.

“There is no window for fresh oxygen in Karachi, food comes in boxes, no one can watch so much TV or social media, I have never spent so much time in bed in my life, my wife still calls friends “I am holding meetings at Zoom. During the quarantine in Abu Dhabi, I hope that the window of my room will open and I will get oxygen,” he said. It is important for all of us.

No coaching time, can’t stand the rudeness of the players

Asked about coaching in franchise cricket but not taking responsibility for the Pakistan team, Wasim Akram said that working for any national team takes 200 to 250 days a year, due to my family and other commitments. I can’t give so much time, I keep watching on social media how players insult their coaches, it is up to the player to play, the coach is not as guilty as we are, I don’t tolerate anyone’s insult Maybe, I say your passion is in its place but don’t be rude on social media, we take someone to the throne one day and drop him on the floor the next day.

He said that if former coach Mickey Arthur’s 1.2 series went bad, then the whole of Pakistan was demanding a national coach. But we can’t wait for the results, we want a coach who can win by putting peppers in the eyes of other teams.

The powerless PCB cricket committee is of no use

Wasim Akram said that the PCB cricket committee is of no use, we do not have powers, issues are considered with Saleem Yousuf, and recommendations are sent to the chairman, he and the directors make decisions, it is a long process. I don’t think it will be of any use.

Playing more cricket will improve Shaheen’s bowling

Wasim Akram says that playing more cricket will give Shaheen Shah Afridi a chance to improve his bowling. Talking about the workload on the young pacer and the future, he said that pacers swing on both sides, speed is good. And he is tall, he gets bounce from the pitch, Shaheen can bowl according to the situation of the match, I think the only thing to ask him is whether he wants to rest or not, the more he will bowl Only then will there be an opportunity to learn.

Staying in the background, I keep reading about running the board on social media

Asked about running the affairs of the PCB in the background, Wasim Akram said, “I keep reading such things on social media. Journalists should also verify the sources of news. I don’t have time to run the affairs of the board.” The chairman, CEO, and directors of the PCB are working. I have nothing to do with them. I am honorably on the cricket committee. However, if anyone asks for a suggestion for the betterment of Pakistan cricket, it will always be available. Am

Pakistan Team Need Amir 

Wasim Akram said that Mohammad Aamir’s national team is needed, the pacer should think for himself what the future holds, he is experienced and young, if he doesn’t play first-class cricket for 5 years, any bowler’s nerves will be so long Living beings do not live, man understands the condition of his body better.

That is why Aamir decided to retire from Test cricket, now he should play his cricket instead of giving further explanation, I think Mohammad Amir’s T20 becomes a place in the national team for the World Cup, in the presence of experienced seniors. Young bowlers get a chance to groom, I myself used to ask Imran Khan, again and again, that’s why I say that Mohammad Amir’s inclusion in the national team is necessary.

Rizwan’s place in the T20 as an opener was made, the time of experiments passed

Wasim Akram said that Mohammad Rizwan is performing well in all three formats but a place was made for him as an opener in T20, which spoiled the batting order. In T20 matches, we are limited to a total of 140. Before the series against England, Pakistan’s top 6 should be decided. Problems including middle order must be resolved.

To a question, he said that I want Pakistan to be in the top 4 teams of the T20 World Cup, but looking at the recent performance, we definitely win, but it is not impressive, it should seem that we are not defeated. Fear, it may be the case until the World Cup, but the combination has to be decided now, the time for experiments has passed.

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