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PSL-The legal front outside the field, the “third umpire” will decide

PSL-The legal front outside the field, the third umpire will decide
PSL-The legal front outside the field, the third umpire will decide

The legal front of the PSL is hot outside the field, which will be decided by the “third umpire”.

The affairs of the Pakistan Super League have been in trouble for the last few years. The atmosphere outside the field is also hot. Due to poorly coded protocols, the fifth and sixth editions were stopped in the middle and completed several months later.

PSL 5 was stopped after 30 matches in March 2020, then the qualifiers and finals were held in November, the sixth edition had to be suspended after 14 matches in Karachi in March 2021, the PCB said in March. Major “announced that the event was stopped due to issues beyond human jurisdiction, in which all parties try to somehow reduce each other’s financial losses, but then in June Abu Dhabi, I completed the event.

Surprisingly, the PSL 5 and 6 accounts have not been finalized yet, so the franchisees have not been able to get their share of the profits. The rights were sold for 36 36 million. For the second year in a row, the board disagreed with the media rights holder on the same issue. The percentage is to be paid before the start, another 25% at the time of final, and the remaining 50% in 60 days thereafter.

PSL 6 in Abu Dhabi Updates
PSL 6 in Abu Dhabi Updates

It can also get an additional 15 days discount. Last year, the PCB wanted to cash a broadcast insurance guarantee of more than Rs 1 billion, on which the company had taken stay order from the Lahore High Court. Later, the event was completed.

Sources said that while claiming an insurance guarantee of more than Rs 1 billion for the sixth edition, the board allegedly demanded more than the original amount and included surcharges and disputes, etc. even though the insurance company exceeded the original amount. Can’t give a shit. The media rights holder took a stay order against him, the company was not willing to take the checks from the PCB at a later date but had to take it on the direction of the court, the agreement includes that in case of any dispute The matter will be referred to the London Court of Arbitration. Now, on August 9, Martin Lowe will come to Pakistan to hear the case.

The next PSL media rights tenders will also be issued soon. Two representatives of the franchisees will also be included in the committee for the sale of new commercial rights. The board has made up its mind to disqualify the existing rights holder. The biggest problem will be that hardly anyone else in Pakistan will be able to give so much money. An attempt has already been made to form a consortium in this regard, sources said. He added that the matches of the sixth edition in Abu Dhabi proved to be a loss-making deal, there were doubleheaders for 6 days, the second match was shown after 3 pm, it also included a qualifier, the TV ratings of these matches were very low and many sponsors Had also resigned.

The PCB spent a lot of money to transfer the matches to the UAE but did not run any marketing campaign which did not create much hype, the broadcaster has suffered a huge loss. It may be recalled that the dispute with the franchisees on the financial model had reached the court last year.

Pakistan Super League new and updates
Pakistan Super League new and updates

The opinion of a retired judge on the new proposed model is soon to be decided on whether to implement it or maintain the existing system. The board last year signaled legal action by canceling a 2019 three-year contract with Khalif Technology for wireless mobile telephony and SMS rights, digital clip rights, fantasy league platforms, and app development rights following financial disputes. Interestingly, the same company created a new website and worked in PSL6.

Similarly, in September 2020, the International Media Rights Agreement with Tech Front Company was terminated due to financial issues. This case is also now under arbitration. When contacted, the spokesperson said that No one wants to comment on the matter.

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