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Straw remains for PSL’s sinking boat

Straw remains for PSL's sinking boat
Straw remains for PSL's sinking boat

Straw remained for the sinking boat of PSL while there would be no option but to postpone the event if it refused.

An online meeting of PCB officials and representatives of all six franchises to hold the remaining PSL matches in June took place on Wednesday afternoon. It was decided to wait until the end of office hours on Thursday to reach a final decision.

Chief Executive Wasim Khan said that the owners of all the franchise teams were apprised of the situation in the online meeting. Approval has been given by the concerned authorities in the UAE to hold the competition. Which will be available anytime on Thursday.

The owners have agreed that if the PCB does not receive this explanation then there is no option left but to postpone the remaining matches of the event, in the meantime, we will be in touch with the UAE government and the Emirates Cricket Board as they are also trying to host the rest of the league matches.

On the other hand, the sources said that it has been agreed in principle to postpone the remaining matches of PSL. He said that due to various issues including permission of staff and logistics issues, the plan of competitions in UAE was not feasible and a huge budget was also discussed for holding matches abroad.

It may be recalled that there were 14 matches of PSL 6 in Karachi and the event had to be postponed due to increasing cases of Coronavirus. Later, the competition was scheduled to start in Karachi on June 1. I suggested competitions but decided to wait until Thursday for an exemption on the strict conditions of the local government and to postpone the event if no positive response was received.

It may be recalled that the Pakistan team has to play 3 ODIs and the same number of T20 matches in England in July. In order to fulfill the condition of quarantine, the Green Shirts have to leave immediately after the PSL. There is a schedule, there are other international engagements in the year including T20 World Cup, in this situation it will be very difficult to find a window to complete the league.

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