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There will be a lot of problems in PSL 6, UAE

There will be a lot of problems in PSL 6
There will be a lot of problems in PSL 6

In Karahi, PSL 6 was stopped after 14 matches due to increasing corona cases. The PCB has announced to hold the remaining matches in Shahar-e-Qaid from June 1. However, it has now been suggested that the event be moved to the United Arab Emirates.

A few days ago, all the six franchisees jointly wrote a letter to the PCB asking for further discussions on the proposed financial model, adding that the Sindh provincial government was also under pressure due to Corona. Yes, so the matches should be shifted from Karachi to UAE. A similar suggestion was made during the fifth edition which was rejected.

There will be a lot of problems in PSL 6-UAE

On Tuesday, the board wrote a letter to the franchisees inviting them to attend a virtual meeting on Saturday or Sunday to discuss the matter further.

According to sources, the NCOC officials yesterday agreed to move the matches from Pakistan. The TV crew has also been asked to be ready for the matches in the UAE. In case of the final decision, the squads will be on a chartered flight. Will be taken

The PCB has not yet contacted the UAE cricket authorities regarding the ESL. Transfer of matches will significantly increase the cost. Pakistani nationals are barred from entering the UAE, even in obtaining visas. It will be difficult, this is why the Afghan team had to play a series against Ireland without many of its star cricketers this year.

The national team has to go to England immediately after the PSL, so it will not be possible to make a big change in the schedule. The PCB will have to pay several crores of rupees in terms of stadium rent. In that case, there was a revenue-sharing agreement for tickets, but now it will not be possible in matches without spectators.

The rates of hotels will be double that of their home country. The scorching heat of UAE in June will also test the players. However, there will be an advantage in terms of foreign players. You will feel more comfortable where Corona has been controlled to a great extent.

On the other hand, a British company has started work to create a PSL bio-bubble without a formal agreement. The Restrata team has visited Karachi twice for Reiki, where it inspected the National Stadium and the local hotel. The company will not have much problem with the transfer of matches to the UAE as it has experience in the creation of bio-bubbles during the IPL last year. Restrata also has an office in Dubai.

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