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Why Pakistan Super League in Dubai?

Why Pakistan Super League in Dubai
Why Pakistan Super League in Dubai

The return of international cricket in the country took place under Shahriar Khan and Najam Sethi but the present authorities are at the forefront in taking credit. Let’s assume for their happiness that they did it then why are they now desolating Pakistani grounds again, our country is now safe to host international cricket it took us years to convince the world Now that the big teams are about to arrive, why are we mingling with our own hard work?

Last year too, the franchises had asked the PSL to move to the UAE, but the board did not agree. Why is it doing so now? Forget that big teams will come here, don’t expect England to be willing to send a team this year, they can say that on the one hand you are moving your league to UAE and on the other hand you want us to come and play in Pakistan. Isn’t this an open contradiction? The situation in the world has changed completely.

Earlier, teams did not come to our country for fear of terrorism, but then the security forces made peace possible by making sacrifices, and now this year the South African side had also visited. Now the world is facing an unseen enemy, big guns. Closing the roads, cannot be controlled, precaution and vaccine is the only way to prevent covid, the greedy Indian Cricket Board had to postpone the IPL against the backdrop of the devastation in India. New bio-bubble-breaking stories are emerging daily.

Why Pakistan Super League 6 in Dubai
Why Pakistan Super League 6 in Dubai

Thankfully the situation in our country is not so bad. Despite this, the league had to be stopped in the middle for 2 consecutive years. The reason for not following the law here is that the law is different for those who are influential and powerful and for the weak. The franchises and players in the PSL have blown up the bio-bubble. Dr. Sohail Saleem has opened the scandal. Instead of fixing his own affairs, the board has started thinking of taking the league to the UAE, perhaps relying on itself. It is not that if matches are held in Karachi, the league will not have to be stopped if a case comes up again in the meantime, it will bring more notoriety, although now the services of the British company Restrata which is IP last year are being hired. He also successfully served in L.A.

His team has also visited Karachi twice and inspected the hotel and stadium to create a bio-bubble. You have also learned from the mistakes and decided to book a separate hotel in which only people associated with PSL are present. What are you afraid of, though, if you look at the previous record, the day the franchises agreed to the new schedule and now there are fewer cove cases in Karachi, if the team outside the bubble If the owners slap the players, the families of the players come to the hotel without test and quarantine or if people are invited from outside to the birthday parties, then cases may also come to light in Dubai. It is possible to hold a league.

I have heard that when the PCB officials raised the issue of PSL before the NCOC, the answer was that we are thinking of lockdown in the country and you have cricket if the league has to be taken out So take it, the board wants to put a gun on the shoulder of the NCOC and move the league on its instructions but no press release has come from there yet.

We should think that the catastrophe in India has also frightened our government so that, God willing, such a situation may not happen in our country. Steps like lockdown are being taken to avoid this. Our people are not being careful anyway. There is a danger of more carelessness on Eid, so cricket will not be a priority in the NCOC.

Yes, if the situation remains good, in the future they may allow PSL themselves, the cost of PCB will also increase exponentially when going to UAE, chartered flights, rent of grounds, expensive hotels, etc. on the pocket. There will be burdens, visas are also a big problem, Pakistanis are banned, South African cricketers will have to work hard to get permission, everyone knows that the league is being completed for money, so your own money will be wasted.

It would not be better to wait a while, it is true that it is difficult to find a window ahead, but Hippocrates of the board will find some solution, maybe a few thousand spectators to come to the stadium as conditions improve Permission should be granted, but if the league is taken away from Pakistan now, this temporary benefit will prove to be very detrimental to Pakistan cricket in the future. Keep this aspect in mind along with the money. The chairman is going to stay. Of course, he would not want to be remembered as the head who took cricket from Pakistan back to the UAE. The decision is in his hands. Let’s see what he does.

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